Misery Loves Cabernet


Charlize “Charlie” Edwards finally has it all: a house in L.A.’s hip Silverlake neighborhood, two fabulous best friends who always have her back, and a great (though hectic) job as the personal assistant to Hollywood’s hottest movie star, Drew Stanton. But best of all, Charlie has a newly feathered love nest with Jordan, the sexy photographer she recently started dating.  Maybe Charlie’s journal of smart-alecky life advice - which she’s always been better at writing than following - has finally helped put her on the right track.


Unfortunately for Charlie, Drew is causing complete havoc on his new movie set, her eccentric family is descending upon L.A. for the upcoming holiday season, and her love life may be back to square one.  Jordan has left L.A. to work on a film shooting in Paris, where the women are gorgeous, sophisticated, and possibly after her man.  And Drew’s handsome new producer, Liam, is an old crush who has reappeared to tug at Charlie’s heartstrings. Charlie’s torn between the misery of waiting for Jordan and the tingly feelings she has for Liam. But there’s nothing misery - or seduction - loves better than a great glass of cabernet.

4 stars. Gruenenfelder continues to prove how delightfully funny she is. Loaded with hilarious one-liners...insightful and witty. 4 stars.”

Romantic Times

“This lighthearted book was a gift to myself to read on a gloomy Saturday -- and I loved it” – Connie Anderson, ArmchairInterviews.com

“Kim's writing style is incredibly intoxicating in this full-bodied and satisfying sequel to A Total Waste of Makeup. Love this book!” – Nancy Redd, author of New York Times Bestseller Body Drama

“An utterly delightful, laugh-out-loud, charmer! I was in love with this book from page one.”  – Jennifer Coburn, author of The Wife of Reilly

Praise for Misery Loves Cabernet:

Charlie and her friends are back!

Misery Loves Cabernet

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