There’s Cake In My Future


With a cup of sugar, a dab of frosting, and a pinch of magic, three best friends discover that changing the future isn’t exactly a cakewalk.

There’s Cake In My Future

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“With sparkling dialogue and a fun-as-all-get-out story, you'll want to grab the book, a glass of your favorite something and settle in for a very happy night.” – Quinn Cummings, author of Notes from the Underwire 


“Kim Gruenenfelder has done it again! A laugh out loud book filled with warmth, insight, and women we can all relate to. This captivating cakewalk is not to be missed.” – Nancy Redd, author of Body Drama and Diet Drama

“Charming, heartwarming, wry and whimsical. Kim Gruenenfelder is at her very best. This is better than double chocolate fudge cake.” - Beth Kendrick, author of Second Time Around

“A delightfully witty story about friendship and love, There's Cake in My Future sparkles from start to finish!” – Liz Fenton, co-author of I’ll Have Who She’s Having

“Kim Gruenenfelder is a pro at nailing the true facets of human nature. Intelligent prose, compromising situations, strong characters and a powerful message all combine expertly in this entertaining novel. I cried toward the end as one of the women found her true happiness. There’s Cake in My Future is an intelligent mixture of pleasurable, painful, serious, skeptical and unexpected moments. Nifty!” – Michelle Rioli, Romance Junkies, Blue Ribbon Reviews

“It's funny how reading a novel with a chick-lit set-up can differ so much from seeing a movie based on the same idea. What works in a full-length book--where an author can flesh out the story and develop the characters--fails miserably on the screen. This tale by the author of Misery Loves Cabernet works because Gruenenfelder has the space to explore the emotional world of her characters and not just tell a zany story. Her three protagonists -- Melissa, Nicole, and Seema -- are women at different stages in their romantic and work lives. Soon to be married, Nicole, at her bridal shower, has hidden charms in the cake that will foretell the guests' futures. When Nicole tries to force fate to give the friends what they each desire, her plan goes awry. Now each woman faces changes that may or may not give them what they ultimately want. VERDICT: Though the plot description (and title) make this sound like a frothy concoction, Gruenenfelder writes with surprising depth. Identity issues are the underlying theme, as her characters grapple with their choices. Not quite as dark as the novels of Marian Keyes and Anna McPartlin, which deal with alcoholism and death, this will appeal to those authors' fans.” – Library Journal Reviews

Praise for There’s Cake In My Future:

“Fabulously funny, truly moving and beautifully written, I loved this book. More cake please!” – Gemma Townley, author of Little White Lies and When In Rome

“A delicious read! There’s Cake in My Future takes us on a great ride with characters who are easy to love. Funny and touching, Kim Gruenenfelder’s latest is her best book yet! You really can have your cake and read it too.” – Jennifer Coburn, author of Tales from the Crib and The Wife of Reilly

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“Gruenenfelder's scriptwriting background comes through loud and clear in her third chick lit romance (after 2009's Misery Loves Cabernet). Nic is about to get married; Seema is stuck in platonic misery with an Orlando Bloom look-alike; and Mel can't get her divorce lawyer live-in to commit. At the bridal shower, Nic hatches a wonderful plan for each woman to pull a wish-granting charm out of the cake. The plan goes astray, of course, leaving them to fear their unintended fates and fail to cope with real life in maximally dramatic fashion. The temptation to echo Nic's nine-year-old stepdaughter is almost irresistible: ‘Suck it up, grow a pair, and let's go!’ In a girls-just-wanna-have-fun way, however, this is a good read, hip and amusing without ever thinking too hard.” – Publishers Weekly

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